About Us


About Owner And Founder

Desert Gem Computer Repair is a Computer Repair and IT Support business owned and run by Nick Alimohammadi. Nick is a resident of La Quinta and is determined to stay and experience the growth of the Coachella Valley firsthand with his wife, dog, and hamster. Nick has been in business for 3 years and has 7 years’ worth of training and experience repairing and troubleshooting computers. 

Once an elementary school teacher, Nick went to Mayfield College for a 2-year program fast-tracked into 9-months with the Computer Service Technician (CST) class. Nick has passed CompTia A+ and is on his way to pass CompTIA Network+ and continue to be certified for Pentesting.


Now, a word from Nick...

Hi, and welcome to Desert Gem Computer Repair. This business was created for you. I noticed a need in the Coachella Valley for a service that catered to residents and small business owners, so I started a sole proprietorship to fill the gap. I work out of a home office and provide computer repair and IT support for individuals who might otherwise not be able to bring their computer into a shop or have had a bad experience with Geek Squad or another computer repair company. For a small business, I want to protect in a similar manner to what medium to large organizations get with in-house IT departments and services – and make services that are affordable for independent professionals like yourself to fit in your budget.

Don’t think you are a target? Think again. If you are growing, you are a target. If you have a computer, you are a target. Your data is a target, and your data is everything. Without the data on clients, products, services, etc., many small operations will vanish into memory. Don’t be a mere memory! You are building an empire, and we want to shield you and protect you.

Now, a bit about me. IT Support and computers are not all I enjoy. I am an avid reader of business books and fantasy series. My favorites are Atomic Habits, The Wheel of Time, and the Mistborn Trilogy. I also create a world of my own, deeply rooted in the fantasy genre. I enjoy playing video games and watching anime (only the good ones) with my wife. I have many other interests as well, but if you are reading this far, maybe you have forgotten about why you visited this page in the first place? If it were to learn more about me, I would be honored. If it was for another purpose, well – get on with it!